Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Finding Hope Amidst Adversity: A Message for a New Month

For all those that have been traumatized, impoverished, and made homeless for whatever reason, I empathize with you and pray that your new beginning for good has started with July.

Everything good, beautiful, and adorable are in God. To prove this, He gave us snippets of how He beautified the Peacock, Crowned Pigeon, Scarlet Tanager, Mountain Blue Bird, Gouldian Finch, etc., to show us His creative prowess. Why do you feel less beautiful and adorable because of the challenging and rough times we are witnessing now?

As the apple of God’s eyes, if you innovatively work around your passion and the alternatives, live by kingdom ethics, meditate and listen to pick up the discernable gifts from God, have unshakable faith in Him and with Him, relax, the beginning of your happy moments is starting with July.

Whatever anyone reading this post is going through, please do not give up because sunnier and more beautiful days are coming. Your children have not done well to the level you expected, and so what? How I wish you had a telescope, you would see those worst off, and yet they can afford to praise God.

Did you enter your car to go to church this morning, and the car tire was flat, with no soare or fuel for the next mile? Instead of sulking, look around you, and you will see hundreds of people that do not have bicycle spokes but summoning up the courage to still smile, go to church, and thank God for a new day, week, or month and congregate with brethren. Meanwhile, at this moment, they have no breakfast or lunch in sight, no transport fare or money for offering, yet they are trudging on as the soldiers of Christ with their eyes fixed on the price and full of hope for a better tomorrow.

Have you just sold a priceless asset or are about to sell one because you have a dire need for something and, in the process, getting depressed? My friend, owning a property would be best if you were alive. Besides, look around you, and you will find millions of people with nothing to sell for the same reason you have put a priced asset on sale. They do not have a morsel for the next meal nor potable water to quench their thirst, yet they can say,” Thank you, Lord. I know it is tough right now, but I trust my evening will be better than where I am now. It is well.”

Is a relation of yours sick, and you have no money to care for them, and because of that, you are asking God why you? My friend, someone’s relation just died or is dying and has no money to put the body in the morgue or pay the hospital bill to take the corpse for burial. Another person’s relation is in pampers, unconscious, and likely not to survive.

Has your landlord given you a quit notice or taking you to court to be forcefully evicted? Calm down. Do not fret. Begin to think of what alternatives there are and plausible things to do. Look around you, and you will find many who have been evicted and homeless for so long.

You have a leaking roof, and you are complaining? Millions are living in uncompleted buildings without windows and doors. They perpetually sleep on a flooded floor and have mosquitoes as their companions. Some others even live outdoors, and their roofs are pieces of cellophane sewn together as raincoats. Are you still complaining?

That you can read this post is a privilege. Millions of people have no access to data or the internet. So for every situation we find ourselves in, millions of others are economically worse. It did not start with our generation. It has always been a societal issue.

All we need at any time we get to socio-economic crossroads is first to be thankful that we are alive and have a tomorrow that could be better. As you read this post, people are passing on and, therefore, have no more tomorrow talkless of hope of doing anything.

There are so many variables in our lives we have no control over. So, let us stop thinking and getting depressed over what we cannot control. Such thoughts make us vulnerable to heart dents and diseases, injuring our overall health and well-being.

Friends, your January to this time might have been tough, rough, and painful. Easy! I prophesy for you and myself that as long as the rain, sun, and moon would come in their seasons, the next half of 2023 shall bring us better tidings.

At this moment of high inflation, uncertainties, distress, and painful economic realities, I join my faith with yours to shout it shall be well because I know of a truth that our next six months shall end better in December.

I shout Hosanna to the Lord in the highest on your behalf because as we step out of this month looking for our daily bread, the bread will not only come, but it shall be buttered.

As I look above and unto the hills where our strength comes from, I pray that people have been positioned to announce us for something better or that God is sending helpers to assist us in our areas of need. Enjoy your new month by working through your passions and keeping hope alive. Grace and peace!!!