Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Seeds of Today, Harvest of Tomorrow: The Importance of Kindness in Every Interaction

Why is it difficult for people to know that whatever we plant as seeds in our earthly sojourn will testify against us herein and hereafter? Are you a leader treating your subordinates as jerks and nobodies simply because you are on top? Just to remind you, the position you occupy today is not for eternity. If you do not change, your children or relations could be significant beneficiaries of your unempathetic nature.

Are you a junior colleague who should support your boss in realizing corporate objectives but is blinded by cut-throat ambition and competition, warranting running your bosses down to curry favor from the top? You may have the position, but when one destroys others to climb, destruction will be waiting at the top of the success ladder.

Are you a friend who should offer a shoulder to lean on but decided to wear a robe dotted with pins to make it impossible to comfort that friend in grief or need? Remember that life is in phases, twists, and turns. That person you made uncomfortable could be your lifesaver somewhere in the future.

As we move about today doing what we know how to do best, ensure you put a smile on the face of someone daily before you go back home. By so doing, you will learn to live right daily and go to bed with a dynamic balanced emotional economy.

Grace and peace!!!