Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Reciprocity in Life: The Power of Kindness and Humility

Nature and humanity reciprocate what we give out to others. In so many instances, they come back to us as positive or negative rewards.

Therefore, If we can not help people in need when they come to us, we should wish them well and strive not to make their situations worse.

When I was still in service and, in the Union, a colleague in the aluta journey, who was very powerful in those days, for whatever reasons, chose the extreme paths. He was not respectful to his workplace leaders and colleagues, and thought life was a roller coaster. In the process, he stepped on so many toes.

For the avoidance of doubt, as a union leader, you can not be all sweet, and therefore, must step on some toes when in the pursuits of members’ good. However, there is a place for mutual respect, and the deployment of emotional intelligence skills in our interdependent relationships.

Six or seven years after the Comrade left serving the union, one of his managers he looked down on and disrespected had become the Managing Director of his establishment.

Just like any other employee, he ran into workplace stormy waters and the only person that could help in making his burdens lesser was his Managing Director (MD). The Comrade was loath to approach the MD for help. Many people propped him to. He later summoned the courage to see the MD, who was visibly shocked that the once powerful Comrade could come to a mere mortal like him. Nonetheless, he listened to the Comrade.

In the end, the MD said, “Comrade, I empathize with you and wished what you are facing never happened. When the matter comes before me, be rest assured that I will not do anything to hurt you or make your case worse, but I will not help you.”

So, like this MD, if you can not help people, do not add to their pains. Be fair by doing the right thing in line with what the procedures dictate; and o not avenge what happened in the past.

On our part, we should try to be humble in whatever roles God entrusted in our care. It is for us to make efforts to be kind to people in all strata of society, that is, the poor, rich, vulnerable, etc. In our humility, people might take us for a ride or for granted. We shouldn’t mind because there is always a payback time in a negative or positive currency. We should use our position for the good of others because someday, we never can tell where our paths shall cross.

A little kindness you do today, can avail much tomorrow.

Grace and peace!!!