Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Finding Your Path: Navigating Life’s Challenges with Inner Strength and Purpose

We are in this world for specific reasons and purposes. Our tasks may look alike, but our pathways to accomplishing the purposed outcomes could be different. Therefore, do not use the other person’s benchmarks to measure who you are, or would become.

No two people have the same finishing timeline. Even if the tasks were the same, the routes to getting them accomplished, and arrival times might be different. That is why, in races, athletes have different timings.

Life tasks are projects bounded by physical, mental, and spiritual variables. Life projects have their difficulties and despairing moments. Sadly, most people throttle on when succeeding, and quit in despairing moments.

Unbeknown to many, despairing moments offer us a period to consult with those that have gone through those paths and had become successful.

It is also a time to meditate, and use the balcony perspective, which is, according to Ury, a metaphor for a place of quiet and introspection

Meditation is a troubleshooting tool and a deeper reflective moment. It is a time for spiritual exploration, getting insights and consulting with the inner spirit. If anyone is in God’s will, He will provide the wherewithal to accomplish that person’s life tasks.

The balcony perspective offers us opportunities to calm down and check the alternative pathways in decision-making processes.

If, after the above interventions, things still look tough, and no solutions in sight, time to go back to the starting block to ask, “Is this God’s purpose for me or the reason for my creation?”

As we go through this weekend, may the Lord grant us the inner spiritual strength, calm, and peace to diagnose and rectify whatever is stalling any of our lofty plans from coming to fruition.

But if all your life’s plans have fallen into place, I rejoice with you. May your accomplishments be permanent to achieve greater success.

Grace and peace!!!