Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Rejecting Rejection: Helen Paul’s Triumph Over Abandonment and the Power of Self-Belief

I just watched the video of Helen Paul, “From Bastard to a Professor.” It is emotive but inspirational.

Helen was born out of rape. All those who should give her succor rejected her. Only one person in the world stood with her- her maternal grandmother. I am sure the mother couldn’t bear the shame and decided to abandon her for the grandmother.

She grew without the name of a father to her life. What happened to Helen is happening to many today. But instead of facing the challenges of life with enthusiasm, many have sunk into depression and died. Instead of fighting, many have perished because they can not deal with rejection.

Many have died because of what we called them. Not Helen Paul, who ruggedly trudged on in the midst of life’s vicissitudes, cruelties and abandonment. Helen didn’t give up on herself but listened to the voice of the maternal grandmother who told her not to allow the rejection she suffered define her.

Gladly, Helen is now a professor and the Head of the Arts, Music, and Entertainment department at Heart International University in the United States. What a story? May God bless the grandmother that didn’t also reject her.

For us, let us use Helen’s story to help people live. Women that had children out of rape and other vices didn’t plan what they got. They need empathy and not rejection. If you cannot help people in making their lives count, please, do not run them down like battery without a charger.

To my audience, what do people call you, and what do you call yourself? Who do people say you are, and Who do you think you are, a winner or a loser? Even though rejected, have you also rejected yourself?

Please, let us be kind with the words we use on others. That rejected stone may become the corner piece that some would crawl back to for crumbs from the master’s table tomorrow. Be careful what you say to people because those words may kill or preserve.

In your challenges, please remember, nobody has the right to profile you wrongly. Stop accepting the negative vibes from naysayers. Look at yourself in the mirror and reaffirm how great you are. Get up!

Grace, and peace!!!