Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


The Deceptive Mirage: Unraveling the Dangers of Miracle Money in Religious Teachings

I always refrain from critiquing religion and religious leaders because religion is more profound than the ordinary eyes can see. But this concept of miracle money flowing from banks into people’s phones is enslaving people and making them go into gambling and debt. Leaders of the body of Christ must talk to themselves to stop this fundamentally flawed and unscriptural teaching.

There are online video posts in which pastors say they are oracles of God and, therefore, have the power to conjure miracle money into the phones of their congregants. They start by commanding their congregation to lift their phones. When they do, the pastor would tell God to direct miracle money from banks to flow into the lifted phones. The congregants would ecstatically shout a loud amen at the mention of a particular bank. When one looks at the congregation, one sees different representations of gender, demography, and literacy.

John Maxwell says the idea behind the law of process is that “the routines and tasks you make time for each day will eventually build the success of both you and your business.” Each time I come across such videos, I sit perplexed to meditate on how religious leaders who should know the law of process decide to destroy a people under their care using shut cuts that have led many to destructive pathways. I believe they virtually teach those listening to them to go and steal.

Let us assume that miracle money would indeed flow into those phones. Won’t that be stealing by tricks? With this philosophy, how would people appreciate that faith and work are complementary? Our youths are so intelligent that all they need is us, the older generation, leading by good example, counseling, and guidance. It is sad to note that we now live in a generation in which people have been brainwashed and hypnotized to believe they can make money without working.

Wrong philosophical and religious thoughts from perceived sacred altars are taking many of our youths away from their richly endowed and innovative minds. The sounds and fury of miracle money are destroying our people and leading them to the altar of the devil. Many borrow and gamble in anticipation of the banks’ inflow of miracle money. This is one of the reasons betting has roots in the fabric of society to the extent that many are heavily indebted to loan companies and shylocks, which they invest in gambling. This cancer is consuming people and sending many into depression. Is there nothing the body of Christ can do to stop this satanic agent parading as God sent messengers?

Maybe I am naive and cannot understand how someone should be credited from the vault of a bank without any savings in that bank. Somebody, please wise me up.

Grace and peace!!!