Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Unmasking the Judases Among Us: A Call to Repentance and Integrity this Easter

Since Friday, people have been abusing Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. If he were alive, he would have been stoned to death many times over.

Unbeknown to many people, the roles they played in keeping Nigeria a begarly nation is akin to what Judas did.

The political Judas and enemies of Nigeria are those who would because of what they get refuse to vote for merit, integrity, good governance, etc.

Some Judas are perpetually moles in their political parties. They attend internal party meetings and give information to others to ruin the chances of their own parties because of a morsel of eba or mudu of rice.

We are underdeveloped because of the political and economic Judases in our midst.

What about those, who find their ways to leadership positions and betray all of us by stealing and diverting funds meant for development into their private pockets thereby killing many that have no access to good healthcare?

What would you call those in the judiciary, who know the truth but lie to convince a Judge that wrong was right or the Judge that saw truth and technically denied an elect of the masses the positions they would have deserved? Didn’t they betray all of us? Are they not a Judas of sort?

What of the Judases who perpetually remain silent in the face of oppression and misrule, which in the end leave millions impoverished?

Do we know that many of us act as unwitting Judas when we use online media spaces to lie in favor of corrupt and incompetent people thereby betraying the voiceless who have no access to the social media spaces?

Judas is in every facet of our national life. It is in the family and social spaces. In the church, they are found in all departments. I have seen young pastors brought in by their masters become a disuniting force in the body of Christ. They do everything to smear their leaders to take over power and by extension the system. They are the reason we have many unending divisions in the church system today.

But the good thing is that in the last 40 days, if we truly reflected and did a thorough soul searching on the life and times of Jesus Christ, we would repent and come clean. We would say never again shall we support bad against evil.

Easter is about coming clean. As we attend services today, let us in unanimity take a vow that wherever we find ourselves, we shall not betray our conscience and others in the service to humanity so that the good we seek through the death of Christ shall come to us.

Our hypocrisy must stop with all previous elections. In 2027, let us in the spirit of coming clean, stop selling our votes. Happy Easter. Grace and peace!!!