Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Life’s Buffet: Choosing Wisely for Health and Happiness

Life is like a buffet. Nutritionists always advise that the more colorful the foods on our plates and the more colorless the fluid in our glass cups, the better for our health.

The varieties of compatible choices made at the buffet table either are processed to nourish our bodies or become poison that could set our digestive systems into a dysfunctional mode.

So, the wiser our choices at the buffet, the better for our stomachs and well-being. We should not base our choices on an entitlement mentality (take smaller quantities at a time).

To eat at a buffet, we must approach the food stand to choose and dish what we want to eat. To get the food, we have to obey the etiquette of buffet queueing and waiting for our turn. So, the buffet respects order.

As with the buffet protocols, we should also learn to be organized and orderly. We should take a shot at what we desire, work hard, and wait for our rewards. Jumping the queue may get us there, but shortcuts have drawbacks.

When we finally come to the place of opportunities, which is like the buffet stand, we should endeavor to obey the laws and rules guiding the things we have chosen to pursue. We should make rational choices that add value to our earthly desires, which should not be compromised.

The more we have a balanced mix of spiritual, physical, physiological, and positive mental attitudes, behaviors, and choices, the better for us.

May the choices we make from this Easter be premised on the fear of God, love for good works, and wisdom to build on our strengths for the benefit of mankind. Happy Easter.

Grace and peace!!!