Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Beyond Prayers: Navigating 2024 with Work, Service, and Divine Direction for Prosperity

Indeed, what God cannot do does not exist. But it is only relevant to certain realities. For example, it would be inconsistent with spiritual truths and reproduction laws for a married non-catholic, who is 60 years old to pray for a miracle to become the Pope without going through the Seminar and other ranks.

I have seen fliers, mega billboards, and badges promoting mega breakthroughs in 2024. Great to be so positive. I encourage optimism and positivity. But how does someone who does not indulge in economic activities and embarks on miracle-seeking all-night prayers, which induce sleep during the day, expect a breakthrough in 2024? Breakthrough in what?

Religion has played a great role in shaping morals and education, without which things could have been worse for the country. There is also no doubt that the prayer of the saints has helped the nation a great deal. However, miracle-seeking organizations are gradually getting many congregations out of innovative pathways and entrepreneurship, which creates the technology that drives development. They have supplanted work with prayers, which is against the mantra of “faith without works is dead- James 2: 14-26.” That is part of our national malaise that should be cured. If prayer alone is all that is, Nigeria should have been better developed than Europe by now.

I firmly believe that religion can create wealth. Many religious organizations have shown great mastery in profitably running schools. The time has come to replicate that in agriculture and entrepreneurship to keep congregants engaged. Many Islamic and Christian organizations have the resources to replicate the Songhai-type innovative developmental programs like rural integrated farming, biomass gasification, and vocations.

Religious organizations could help people achieve their goals in spiritual ways and in hard work and service. David was remembered from the point of hard work and service. He was not lazying around watching television. He was working to keep his father’s herd in the forest. In the process, he was confronted with challenges. He was accosted by wild animals but he never stopped working.

Though God, from the foundation of life, made David king, he worked foremost as a servant. At the point of service, the anointing of greatness that he carried became revealed, and his loyalty to service was rewarded in due season.

In 2024, may God open our eyes and direct us to where the streams of wealth shall come, enabling us to tap into the opportunities in service and our anointing revealed.

Grace and peace!!!