Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Embracing Change: Finding Opportunities in Adversity

I am not perfect. I am but just a person full of frailties and trying to work my way toward perfection and striving to respect my fellow beings without discrimination.

I believe in one God, the maker of heaven and earth. I believe that God comes to our aid through his creatures. I also believe that those who say God does not exist always have a reason to recant that assertion before they pass on or at the point of death.

As I look above from where I am, I can hear God saying that we have everything in Nigeria and have no reason to be poor. I think one of the reasons we are stunted in our developmental strides is that we have lost the virtue of service, which has now been compounded by the high cost of energy and transportation. Sadly, instead of seeing opportunities in the present-day adversities, so many people have found reasons to stay at home lamenting or thinking it is good as a vacation.

In other climes, this hard time will be used by many to reinvent themselves and seek extra sources of earning money. It does not matter how lowly the job is. Let us appreciate that the world of work has changed for good, and we need to change, retool and reskill. Consultants are realizing fast that e-learning has come to stay and those that cannot adapt, are likely to be out of jobs soon.

Instead of days and nights of seeking miracles and manna from heaven in miracle centers and the mountains, this is the time to ask God to open our inner minds and eyes to what we have in abundance but yet untapped.

For those who work three days with four days off, this is the time to find other sources of livelihood without going into crime because the devil might begin to enter the hearts of those who perpetually remain idle. It is not a time to stay days at worship centers asking God for alerts without work. For example, if you have been doing recharge card business in hiding or selling wares using your employer’s time, now is the time to consolidate. One can also learn a trade.

I know of an engineer that started cooking for a living and doing so well. I know of a graduate that went into tailoring and now charges dollars, after which she ships the finished products to customers. I know of another tailor in Warri that uses a three-story building in the city center as his factory. He employs hundreds of apprentices and assistants.

God hears us and blesses us at the point of service. He does not bless people that have faith without work because he is not a God that does not live by good example. God showed us how to be diligent in service by working for six days creating things before He rested. So, why should anybody think that it is profitable to rest before working?

As we go before God today, I pray for you and for myself, that God should open us to a discerning spirit from above to have insights into what shall make us greater when this storm of economic challenges shall pass over.

You are a conqueror and not a vanquished. But you have the choice of who you would be three years from now. Get up and let us go there in one accord. Happy Sunday.

Grace and peace!!!