Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Finding Our Red Sea Solution: Combining Science and Faith in Times of Crisis

When the Israelites got to the Red Sea, they thought they would be drowned or killed by the Egyptian soldiers chasing after them. But God in his infinite mercies directed Moses to deploy the right survival tool, which parted the sea for them to cross without any loss of life.

In the above miracle, the leadership listened to the voice of God and deployed the right tool. So, a divine technological intervention saw the Israelites through the Red Sea.

Given the above, it means that there are voices of science and that of God. As it was with the Israelites, I urge our leaders deploy the right tools and decisions to enable my people cross this man-made economic Red Sea that wants to swallow everybody. I say man-made because we decided to make wrong consumption choices for too long.

Therefore, in these tumultuous times, I encourage everybody to look back, do the right things, make the right consumption choices, and keep the flame of hope burning. Besides, let us work through sensible, responsible, honest and conscionable pathways for us to overcome.

I am convinced that as long as the moon shall not fail to sprout in its time and season, these tough time will not last forever.

Folks, this phase of hardships may seem difficult and tough, but like very other tribulations, it shall pass over us and we shall overcome. Happy weekend.

Grace and peace!!!