Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


In Pursuit of Passion: The Story of Dr. Opia Oji Bonnyface and the Opializer

Dr. Opia Oji Bonnyface, a friend, brother, and lecturer, is gifted in art writing. He would have published books and articles in several journals or pursued other academic endeavors to earn him a professor by now. Instead, he pursued an invention, the beautiful ball game, and the Opializer.

Bonny knew what he wanted and, for decades, went for it. Despite the need for money to produce equipment, he will not join others to fleece students. He would rather subsidize some. He Denied himself “enjoyment” to concentrate on his invention. He had sleepless years to actualize his dream. This invention had reached a stage where the world would soon become his office space.

I am sure if well-valued, he would also be a professor shortly after the launch. So, while others will be waiting for pension verification year-in and year-out, he would travel the globe for endorsements,, and in the evening, his money and invention would be working for him while sleeping. I salute his courage, resilience, and foresight. Waiting for the unveiling by the grace of God.

Grace and peace!!!