Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Man vs. Himself: The Eternal Struggle for Supremacy

Man seems to be his own enemy. After creation, man set himself on a competive path with God. At every stage, man wanted to play God or even try to outsmart God.

Man started with the tower of babbel but God sneezed and created confusion in their midst. That was the beginning of disunity among mankind. The world never rested since that incidence.

Man created technology but has began to ease himself out of work because of the technology he created. Today, AI and robotics have taken off the shelf millions of jobs from man.

Man manufactured by non-degradable materials that have put the environment in jeopardy and littered the ocean, polluted the earth with emissions and left himself with devastating climate change. Today, man is grappling with several destructive phenomenon.

Man entered the forest, chased the natural habitats away and destroyed it through logging. Realizing his folly, man is now looking for trees to plant.

Man entered the sea and destroyed its fabric in the drilling process of looking for fossil fuel.

Man has finished with the earth. He has entered the Luna and thinking of the sol.

The inventions of man is rendering us sleepless at night because of heat and cannot sleep in the day because he must go afishing to eat.

But with all the emerging technology, when will man realize that God is God and man would ever remain man?

Grace and peace!!!