Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


The Path to a Rewarding Tomorrow: Embracing Divine Laws and Ethical Living

Seeing tomorrow is a sane person’s wish. But seeing tomorrow is remotely controlled by providence and our creator. The tomorrow you wish for may come but full of thorns or sweet rewards.

Between our wish for a positive rewarding tomorrow, and God’s divine will for us in the tomorrow we wished for are rules, regulations and divine laws that should not be breached.

Your scriptures have the foundational precepts for you. The scripture is strict in matters of obedience to divine, moral, and lawful orders. I am not talking of long fasting and praying. I am talking of basic kingdom rules of respecting creatures that come before you.

As a Muslim, when a Christian comes before you for anything, what is your heart of love seeing and telling you?

As a Christian, how would you treat the Muslim who is more qualified than and a Christian that are before you for a favor?

In the office you occupy in the church, civil society, civil service, military, etc., do you dedicatedly serve the country and the citizens or you are only loyal to your pockets and family members?

When on the streets, do you obey and respect the laws of the land or you are above the law?

If anybody can answer the above questions rationally in line with the scriptures, our constitution and laws, we wouldn’t need the prisons, building of prison walls, gates around our homes and what our tomorrow would breed.

Happy Valentine. Grace and peace!!!