Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


The Power of Three ‘S’s: Sorry, Smile, and Silence in Character, Resilience, and Maturity

The three “S” that tell people about your character, resilience, and maturity are sorry, smile, and silence.

Saying sorry is often misconstrued as a sign of guilt or weakness. In contrast, sorry is meant for the strong and used by the wise to avoid relationship destroyers and landmines that could put relationships asunder.

Smile, if well deployed, is a problem solver. It is a soothing and welcoming balm. That does not mean that the person smiling has no life challenges. It only shows maturity of purpose. Even when the person’s heart is bleeding, the person does not transfer the pain to others. Only a good conversationalist could unravel such underlying hurt. It takes a big and kind-hearted person to give a genuine welcoming smile, which could say a million things to encourage others in similar circumstances.

Silence, they say, is golden, and silence can not be quoted. It saves the wise and the knowledgeable from trouble. It helps avoid the complications of interconnectivity in relationship management if well deployed.

Good as the 3 “S” are, they should be used in appropriate circumstances lest they be misconstrued by mischief makers or used against you by conflict entrepreneurs.

Happy Sunday. Happy Independence and Happy New Month.

Grace and peace!!!