Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Unveiling Nigeria’s Silent War: The Insurgency, Foreign Conspiracy, and the Looming Catastrophe

I am not a seer or a prophet, but I have a strong belief that the insurgency wars in the entire North are becoming a vast foreign conspiracy using local herders/farmers and the Christian/Muslim dichotomies to fight themselves.

These groups destroy villages and occupy the rich, vast lands holding mineral resources in the northern part of Nigeria on behalf of their sponsors and under the careful supervision of influential internal collaborators. Nigeria is gradually becoming a nest of warlords that have started replicating what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What is occurring in the North may soon happen in other parts of the country. The ransom collected by kidnappers goes to a source. The money does not end up in bank vaults but in the pockets of warlords for the purchase of arms. The time to act to dismantle this conspiracy the better for the future of Nigeria.

If we do not leave this veiled ethno-religious coloration of our challenges to face the enemies within and without, Nigeria will soon be engulfed in a war that will never end as we have in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While the battle rages, our resources will be illegally taken to grow the West and Asia. When the ashes of war settle, Nigeria will be poorer than it is today. The time bomb is ticking. If we allowed it to detonate, no country in Africa can hold the influx of refugees the dysfunction will create.

Grace and peace!!!