Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Life’s Mysteries: Celebrating the Bookends of Birth and Transition with Purposeful Living

Life is a mystery because others outside us would celebrate the beginning and the end of all human beings. At birth, we were oblivious to where we were born, the banters, and the joy of everyone around us.

At birth, we were celebrated by the birth attendants we never knew before handing us over to our parents. When they took us home, we were also not aware of those who came to wine and dine with our parents. At birth, how our parents lived with others would be the gravitating force leading people to our homes to say congratulations.

When we die, we will also be oblivious to the happenings in the environment. We would not know who would be crying, draping us with the goodbye apparel, and where they would dump us for our transition to begin before preparing us for the final goodbye.

Unlike at birth, in which people felicitated our parents based on who they were to neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, our passing would depend on how well we lived respecting and loving others. It would depend on the memories people have of us and how much of our positive nature we left behind in people.

Since we had no control over who celebrated us at birth, irrespective of which divide our parents were when we were born, we could at least live harmoniously with people, help the less privileged, and in our passing moments, have the fulfillment of saying “I thank you Lord for the life you gave to me, which I used in touching lives positively. I am ready to come home. So, help me, God.”

Given the above, let us learn to enjoy every second of our existence in thanksgiving, doing what gives us joy and what makes us happy. I pray that the evening and final transition shall be sweet for you and me. You will not be cut short by adversities, and because you lived a kingdom life, you will find the strength in your final moments to say thank you, Lord, I am coming home.

Grace and peace!!!