Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Political Betrayal: When Allies Turn Foes and the Unseen Forces Behind the Scenes

So, if I present myself to serve Nigeria tomorrow, what will matter to those who ate and dined with me; those who benefited from my sweat will be the ones at the heart of fuelling my travails as to my name, paper qualifications, my family background, and not whether I have the capacity to perform or not.

Then, when they succeed in edging me out, they come round under the cover of darkness to say, “I beg no vex o, wetin happen na politics.” Really? Et tu, Brute!!!

If you do not believe that some close allies can do anything to destroy you to win relevance, go to Atiku Abubakar and ask those behind his past service on privatization, airport, and corruption allegations. Even when he gave so much to the opposition party and those prosecuting him now, none seem to be crediting him with anything good with his past help.

Ask Peter Obi about those who took his secret business deals overseas, multiple tax evasion, and beer factory allegations to public spaces.

Ask Tinubu those behind lighting up candles in the presence of an opened political petrol jerrycan to roast him on the issues about his Chicago certificate saga, his place of birth investigations, the drug allegations, and the payment of over four hundred thousand USD in the US.

If still in doubt, ask former President Goodluck Jonathan what he suffered at the hands of brothers, trusted ministers, relatives, etc.

There is nobody without a past. How that past is woven into a new dawn in our lives seems to be why many good people stay away from our dirty political terrain and quietly enjoy their freedom in their corners so that they can sleep well each day.

Grace and peace!!!